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12/24/09 09:19 am

went to a hockey game last night, nothing that would cause me to re-inspect my life was expected to happen. but, my dad shared with me a little nugget of horror: "that guy in the middle - he's your age." WHAT. it always blows my mind to find out there are people my age who are doing crazy things with their lives. i feel like i haven't even started my 'real life' yet. this makes me hate myself and sports.
now, this is not the first time i felt this way. i remember back in 10th grade when i found out how old freddy adu is. i think he was still playing for dc united at that time. it put me in a funk for days. but these days i've grown so used to seeing that in football that i dont really even blink anymore. i can think of a handful of footballers who are younger than me (freddy adu, bojan krkic, etc) and even more who are under the age of 22 (gonzalo higuain, pique, michael bradley, etc). also, i've never been to camp nou in barcelona to watch baby bojan run around in front of 98,000 people. i dont even want to think about how i would feel after seeing that in person. anyways, enough about football and back to hockey.
last night, there was some 20 year old bro standing on ice in front of like 13,000 people, playing for an NHL team where he signed a contract for more money that i will ever see in my life to get paid for doing the hobby that he loves most in life (i'm assuming). it all comes down to one useful phrase: FML.
i guess i'll just have to settle for being the youngest, baddest bitch on the blue ridge roller girls.

6/17/09 03:47 pm

i dont really have much to say [with words] these days, and i dont like the direction this journal has been moving towards in the past few months ... so i'm going over to tumblr for some time.
i'd rather just express myself through pictures anyway.

6/16/09 05:39 pm

i think i can feel more like a 16 year old now that i am in my 20s.
just got my first car - a subes.
fortunatley my maturity beyond 16 year olds means that i'm not interested in taking it out joy riding.

i also made $399 this past pay period at the library - and thats only 2 1/2 weeks!
summer r00lz

6/7/09 02:13 pm

this place is starting to feel like a home. i bought a cactus named pete.
last day of summer (for a month). starting tomorrow i have to get up at 7am, go to work at 8am, get off work at 1pm, go to class at 1pm, come home at 3.30pm. s l e e p.

6/2/09 06:15 pm - don't breed or buy while shelter animals die

my boy, monster is still at the shelter! he's been there since my birthday aka april 28!
in fact, all my faves are still at the shelter (taki, elvis).
motherfucking puppies get snatched up in a second. this is why i'll never have a puppy.
alicia - come adopt monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get him out of the cage!!!!!!!!

i had another thing to write about, but i'll save it for another day...

5/24/09 04:56 pm

molly gave me the peugot. i love that thing. i'ma gonna clean it and make it nice and sparkley and buy new tires for it so it rides even better.

i still want a dog. however, cleaning up their poop with just a bag between the poop and your hand is absolutley disgusting. makes me gag.

5/21/09 07:04 pm

i finally did it (and by did it i mean two seperate, important things!)

1.) i finally finished alicia's blanket. but i forgot to take a pic of it before i gave it to her.

and the big number 2.) .....

it didn't really hurt at all and it wasn't worth all the nervousness/almost puking that i gave it.
it was expensive ($65 total).
i had a stranger standing half a foot away from my face on the day where i've had the most pimples in the last 2 years.
i pretty much just have a staple in my nose.
but i can change the jewelry in a month.
it's crooked for the moment, but will straighten out in like 3 days.
i have the option to now have mustache ...


5/18/09 10:46 am

house. without any family.

house is very clean, but kinda dark on the inside (which might be nice when it gets hot and there's no air conditioning). it's actually kinda boring here - though no more boring than in raleigh because my lack of tv here has been replaced by watching all of season 1 of the oc. i really need to unpack but it's so tiring. i need to buy some more stuff for the house, but i dont want to spend any money except for my piercing which i think i'm getting next week.

my livejournal posts have been really boring this year ... miss my highschool self - so much more interesting.

5/14/09 09:28 pm

so many awesome people are vegetarian/vegan. i'm glad i am.
i'm feeling really inspired by animal rights these days ... i did buy a leather jacket today however, but i think i may stop buying new animal products.

5/7/09 06:52 pm


still sharing a room for 5 more days, and am thinking about a murder suicide.
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